Plot-Tec UK Ltd

"Maintaining Your Standards"

Here I did my apprenticeship then was employed in Instrument Systems Division working on Air Data Computers for fixed and rotary wing vehicles. I was promoted from development engineer through to Project engineer specializing in Helicopter Air Data Systems

Here I was employed to transform a conceptual design from Essex University to a production unit  to market. This involved  leading edge technology in fibre-optics and MEMS in a telecoms market. I was heavily involved with the testing and specifications/procedures to be used once in production.

I was contracted by this company to offer support  on one of their  sites to investigate/prepare/install and re-locate equipments on the production line in accordance  with the customers requirements and  to Thyssenkrupps specifications.  I also supported  any modifications/changes  carried out during shut-down periods.

I joined the Avionics department with a remit  to expand capability by investigating products which we could repair/maintain/test  to manufactures specification in a cost effective manner. We ventured into the emergency locator beacon (ELT) market and were then approved  by OEM,s to support  their product ranges.

I joined this company as a field service engineer  supporting their flat bed plotter range  for various industries throughout the UK, Europe and sometimes worldwide. I later carried out these tasks in a self-employed capacity.

GEC-Marconi Avionics

Aviaservices Ltd

Thyssenkrupp Krause Ltd

Ilotron Ltd

Wild Heerbrugg/Leica/Zund

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